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Basic Panel Dimensions | Invictus Cockpit Systems

Basic Panel Dimensions

  • Here is a guideline document explaining various basic dimensions for cockpit panels.  The dimensions were derived from MS25212C.

  • Dear Chris, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge.
    following your guides on you tube and using your advice, I am trying to proceed in designing my cockpit for F-16 to be used with DCS.
    Some times ago I bought the F-16 plans and I am modifying it to fit in my room (I just have to shorten it a little bit).
    I wanted to share with you what I've done so far. I did already several panels but here just an example.
    I woul like to get your opinion.Sensor Panel F16C



  • Nice work, Rik!  My apologies for not seeing this sooner.  

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