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F-16 Viper Force Transducer

F-16 Viper Force Transducer

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The Viper Force Transducer takes 1:1 cockpit building to the next level and puts a replica side stick controller in the hands of home cockpit builders at an affordable price.  The VFT gives you precise control over your Viper, allowing for easier and more authentic formation flying and aerial refueling.  Once you try this level of control, you'll never want to go back!

If you intend to install the device onto your own stick base, we highly recommend ordering the side stick controller version.  If you intend to install into the original Thrustmaster Cougar housing, you MUST order the Cougar version, as the standard will not fit. 

Please pay special attention to the dimensions in the datasheet.  Previous manufacturers produced the mounting holes on a .97" (25mm) radius.  New versions are made to spec with the real F-16 with mounting holes on a 1" (25.4mm) radius.  If you need the old hole pattern, please reach out.  We try to stock a few to help past customers, but it may add a few days to your delivery.

If choosing the variants with included side stick controller bases, please note that the standard mount sits flush with your sidewall, and the Invictus mount has an offset to account specifically for the Invictus Cockpit Plans with a pocket in the sidewall for the base.  If you did not use Invictus (or Alert 5 Design Studio) plans, or if you did not include the pocket in the sidewall for the SSC base, choose standard.

The Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS is discontinued and not included in your VFT order.  We strongly recommend having the Cougar in your possession before ordering.  The installation will require the disassembly of the Cougar unit, and this product requires the internal PCB from the HOTAS Cougar.  You can view the instruction manual for the installation here.  We recommend reading it to ensure you are comfortable with the installation. 

We are close to producing a stand-alone version of the VFT that does not require Thrustmaster electronics, but we have no timetable for the release of that product.  If you order a VFT from us today and would like to upgrade to the stand-alone device later, we will offer the board at a low price to those who ordered a VFT before release. 


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