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Invictus Cockpit Systems

F-16 Anti-Ice/Antennae Select Panel

F-16 Anti-Ice/Antennae Select Panel

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Upgrade your F-16 cockpit with our meticulously crafted Replica Anti-Ice Panel, designed to meet and exceed military standards for authenticity and functionality. This high-quality replica panel offers seamless integration into your cockpit, bringing you the utmost confidence in your simulator's performance during challenging missions.

Crafted with Precision: At the heart of our Replica Anti-Ice Panel lies a sturdy aluminum backplate, ensuring durability and longevity even in the most demanding flight scenarios. We understand the importance of accuracy, which is why the lettering on the panel is meticulously fiber laser engraved, offering unparalleled precision and ensuring every detail matches the original anti-ice panel.  Attached to the backplate is a solid sheet of .25" thick acrylic CNC Laser Cut to precise dimensions, and CNC machined to perfectly align with all components.

Authentic Lighting Options: To enhance your cockpit experience, we offer optional backlighting for our replica panel. Choose between the vibrant green or warm white backlighting options.  The backlighting is driven by custom PCBs outfitted with LEDs carefully chosen and calibrated to give you clear, accurate lighting while avoiding hotspots.  The PCB is recessed inside CNC machined pockets to trap light and direct it where it needs to go to prevent light bleed. Now, you can stay in control and focus on your mission with ease, even in low-light situations.

Our Replica Anti-Ice Panel has been meticulously designed to comply with military standards for measurements and dimensions, making it a near-exact match for the real panel used in the Viper. You can trust in the seamless integration of our replica panel into your sim cockpit, knowing that it aligns perfectly with other existing panels you bought from either us or other highly precise providers.

We understand that your cockpit's equipment needs to withstand the toughest conditions. Therefore, our Replica Anti-Ice Panel is painted with Cerakote, a renowned and battle-tested ceramic coating known for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. With Cerakote, you can count on your panel's longevity, even under prolonged exposure to harsh treatment.

Key Features:

  • Precision-engineered with an aluminum backplate for unmatched durability
  • Fiber laser engraved lettering ensures high precision and authenticity
  • Optional backlighting in green or warm white for enhanced visibility
  • Complies with military standards for measurements and dimensions
  • Cerakote ceramic paint adds superior durability and resilience

Upgrade your F-16 cockpit with confidence. Our Replica Anti-Ice Panel combines authenticity, precision, and durability to ensure you have the utmost control in the skies. Whether you're a flight enthusiast, a simulator user, or a professional pilot, our replica panel is the perfect addition to elevate your flying experience.

NOTE:  The Anti-Ice Panel is an add-on panel.  It does not come with a microcontroller.  You can add one yourself, you can purchase one of our Flight Panel Controllers, or you can couple it with a purchase of one of our Avionics Power Panels, which comes with a pre-programmed microcontroller that is plug and play ready to add the Anti-Ice Panel.

Shipping & Returns

Welcome to Invictus Cockpit Systems, where every product is meticulously handcrafted with the perfect fusion of human skill and advanced machinery in our Mesa, AZ shop. While our goal is to have all items readily available for immediate shipping, some products might take up to two weeks to ship as we expand our inventory. For your convenience, any product with a shipping time that exceeds two weeks will be clearly marked. We take immense pride in our quality and offer a hassle-free return policy. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, returns are accepted at any time. Contact our Customer Support for assistance, and we'll ensure your experience with us is exceptional from start to finish.


All of our cockpit panels are made true to the specifications outlined in Military Standards MS25212C. Most panels are 5.75" wide (146.05 mm) and the height is measured in multiples of .375" (9.53mm). All of our panels should show a dimensional drawing in the product photos for your convenience.

Care Instructions

All of our panels are coated with Cerakote®, a highly durable ceramic coating. It is chemical and abrasion resistant, and most paints, etc. will not adhere to it. Most household cleaners will be fine to use. However, the same cannot be said for knobs, switch caps, and the electronics associated. For this reason we recommend cleaning with a damp rag.

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