Frequent Questions

What flight simulator software do your cockpits use?

We primarily fly in DCS for our current airframes. That being said, we are working to integrate our AIM Network™ in many additional platforms such as BMS, MSFS and others. Please bear with us as we navigate the complexities of being compatible with other providers.

How do your cockpits interact with the software?

We use DCS-Skunkworks, a fork of the old and no longer supported DCS-Bios. It is an export.lua file that allows Arduino-based microcontrollers to communicate with DCS. DCS-Skunkworks is continually updated and community supported. We highly recommend it.

Can you send me CAD files for your products?

We try to be pretty helpful and open with our manufacturing methods, however it's not smart business to give away intellectual property. We are happy to help in many ways, but giving away our design files is not currently in the business plan. We do, however, offer help to those who want to build their own components via our YouTube channel and our Facebook group.

If you are a fellow manufacturer and you need CAD Shell files for form and fit integrations, we are willing to provide those. Reach out to us via the contact form and we will arrange it.

Do you plan to offer more than just the F-16?

Yes, currently we are developing an F/A-18 and an F-15 cockpit, and we are working on some components of the JF-17. We also have future plans on the A-10, the AH-64 and others. Eventually, we want to be a one stop shop for all cockpits, including civilian aircraft. The process of development is slow, so adding additional airframes will take time.

What is your biggest piece of advice for a new cockpit builder?

Rome wasn't built in a day. You are building a replica of a cockpit that had hundreds of hands on it over many years of development. Don't expect to wave a wand and have a complete cockpit, unless you order a turn key solution from us. You can bet on this taking a considerable amount of time to complete. Go slow, and for the love of God, read the instructions. Our Cockpit Plans come with very detailed instructions that give pretty awesome tips on how to build the best cockpit possible. Read them cover to cover a couple of times before picking up a tool.

Do you recommend projectors, VR, or mixed reality?

In short...yes! Whatever works best for you. Each has it's own challenges and strengths.