Meticulous Research is the Key

To really feel immersed in the cockpit, accuracy is paramount.  When we decided to open Invictus Cockpit Systems, we knew that we had to produce products that were so close to the real thing it would be hard to tell the difference.  One of the ways to really bring that to fruition is meticulous research into the military requirements of the fighters we strive to recreate.  

Pulling up old documents, some written before we were born, has allowed us to find an uncommon degree of accuracy while still producing a product that doesn't cost tens of millions of dollars.  Each and every item you see here was hand designed and carefully recreated to be as close to the real thing as feasible.  All the way down to the smallest faux Dzus fastners being accurate to specs within a few thousandths of an inch, we have strived to make sure that your experience with Invictus Cockpit Systems is above the rest.  

Want to put our designs to the test? Read some of the spec sheets for yourself below:

Dzus Fasteners and Rails MIL-F-25173A

Panel Dimensions MS25212

Panel Font MS33558C

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