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Invictus Cockpit Systems

AIM Network™ Titan Control Interface

AIM Network™ Titan Control Interface

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Introduction: Elevate your flight simulation experience with the AIM Network Titan Control Interface, a sophisticated and highly efficient slave device designed to integrate seamlessly into your AIM Network. This device is set up for a reliable and high-performance connection within the AIM Network, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted data transmission. It features up to 65 digital I/O connections, 16 Analog inputs, and 14 PWM-enabled pins.

Robust Network Connectivity: The Titan is engineered to work flawlessly as part of the AIM Network. It acts as a slave device, facilitating efficient and secure communication with the AIM Network Saturn Master Controller. This integration allows for a stable and consistent flow of data, essential for a realistic and immersive flight simulation experience.

Advanced Backlighting Control: Enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your cockpit with Titan's ability to control backlighting for Invictus Cockpit Panels. With three dedicated connections, it offers precise and customizable backlighting options, adding to the realism and visual appeal of your setup.

Important Usage Note: It is crucial to use the CAT6 port on this device exclusively with the AIM Network family of devices. Using third-party Ethernet hubs or any RJ45-compatible connection outside of the AIM Network family with this device will cause irreversible damage and void the warranty.

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