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Thank you for visiting. Please bear with m3 as I start building out inventory. Invictus is a one man shop.

Welcome to the Forum! | Invictus Cockpit Systems

Welcome to the Forum!

  • Welcome to our community!  We are glad to have you.  We have a few house rules, so lets get those out of the way:


    1.  Be kind.  As this forum grows, people of all skill levels will join.  Be helpful or be quiet.  The world has enough negativity.

    2.  If you own a business that sells cockpit parts, ask before you advertise here.  Don't be sneaky.  I believe there is enough business to go around, so don't think I'm going to try to hold you back.  I just don't want this place to turn into a sales free-for-all.

    3.  Show me your cockpit.  Ok, maybe this isn't a rule.  I just want to see it.  

    4.  Enjoy yourself.  We are all here because we love this stuff.  Let's have a good time with it.  

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